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We Provide Easy Car Buying

With over 50 years of combined car industry experience in all facets from sales to management. In that time a lot has changed in the auto industry and the purchasing behaviors of the consumers. One thing that we had learned over time is that most consumers do not enjoy the car buying process at a dealership, with that in mind CarConfident.Ca was created to alleviate the mystery and frustrations of the buying process by providing best pricing for your new or pre-owned vehicle. We accept financing applications of all types including factory savings and incentives passed to you. Know exactly what you’re getting every time with CarConfident.Ca. #beconfident

CarConfident.ca eliminates the negotiation process for the buyer. You no longer need to feel the pressures of car dealerships, you can be confident that you’re getting the car you want at the price you need without doing the work.

Our connections at car dealerships across Canada allow us to find the absolute best deal for our clients. With access to the best car deals on the market and extensive knowledge of the industry, we know where to go and what to do to find your perfect car match.

CarConfident.ca is a hassle-free way to own the vehicle of your dreams without the feeling of over paying.

Got a wish list?

Let our expertise and experience work for you. We also assist avid car collectors in locating exotic and rare vehicles. Contact us no matter what type of car you’re looking for…


We Will Assist You Every Step Of The Way

We Negotiate The Deal, You Drive Away

Buying a new car doesn’t have to be a scary process. We understand the timidness some people feel going into a car dealership. It is an uncomfortable experience, and we work to eliminate that with our car buying service. As experienced professionals in the car industry, our team at CarConfident.Ca is skilled in negotiation. We get the best deal on your car, you approve it, then you sign the contract and drive away. Our concierge-style services allow you to go about your business while we find you your dream car.


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